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  • 2 Key Points Ignored In Restaurant Marketing

    CDG Furniture is a manufacturer specializing in table, dining chair, restaurant furniture, coffee shop furniture and outdoor restaurant furniture! Undertake engineering services such as restaurant furniture, hotel furniture, club furniture, bar furniture, etc. CDG furniture provides customers not only with furniture products, but also with confidence; To be the best and create better value for customers is our consistent goal.

  • Comfortable Rattan Chair Furniture Brings Beautiful Life

    Rattan chair furniture, if properly arranged, can bring great highlights to the courtyard, balcony and even the whole home decoration. Because rattan chair furniture has the aesthetic feeling of weaving, it can bring a different aesthetic feeling to people. Therefore, many people like to buy rattan furniture products when purchasing furniture products. Let's follow CDG furniture to see what advantages rattan chair furniture has.

  • Rattan Furniture Is The Most Comfortable Outdoor Furniture

    For more information and trends about outdoor furniture, outdoor tables and chairs, and rattan outdoor furniture products, please contact CDG Furniture immediately!

  • Key Points For Space Design Of Garden-Style Restaurant

    CDG furniture is a professional supplier of garden furniture, metal garden furniture, leisure garden furniture, hotel outdoor furniture and chain restaurant furniture. Our rattan garden furniture products, metal garden furniture products, aluminum outdoor furniture products, hotel garden furniture products and outdoor wicker furniture products are very suitable to help you build a garden-style restaurant and make your restaurant a conspicuous consumption place.

  • How To Maintain The Outdoor Furniture Of The Restaurant And Coffee Shop?

    The above is the introduction of how to maintain the outdoor furniture of restaurant and coffee shop. I hope it can help you. I want to know more about the restaurant coffee shop. Welcome to consult CDG furniture online.

  • Enjoy Outdoor Leisure Life With Rattan Furniture

    Rattan leisure furniture includes aluminum alloy rattan furniture, leisure rattan furniture, swimming pool leisure rattan furniture, courtyard leisure rattan furniture, club leisure rattan furniture, restaurant leisure rattan furniture, coffee shop leisure rattan furniture, hotel villa leisure rattan furniture, etc. according to different places of use, which is the best choice for people to enjoy outdoor leisure life.

  • What Factors Should Be Considered When Purchasing Outdoor Tables And Chairs?

    CDG Furniture provides a variety of outdoor dining furniture products for many world-famous catering companies, and it also guarantees the price and quality. It will also make you feel at ease when you buy and use it.

  • How To Open An Outdoor Restaurant?

    CDG furniture is a professional one-stop outdoor restaurant furniture supplier. It provides you with the perfect restaurant furniture matching scheme and outdoor furniture products when opening a restaurant, and helps your outdoor restaurant become a satisfied restaurant for customers.

  • How To Choose Terrace Furniture?

    CDG furniture is a professional manufacturer of outdoor furniture, with more than 15 years of industry experience, specializing in the production of outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor rattan chairs, leisure rattan chairs, rattan furniture, coffee shop tables and chairs, restaurant outdoor tables and chairs, garden furniture, outdoor leisure furniture, etc. Welcome to consult and cooperate.

  • What Kind Of Restaurant Space Design Effect Attracts Consumers?

    The design and decoration of the restaurant space can be said to be the face of the restaurant, representing the appearance of the restaurant. For the restaurant, how to create a comfortable dining environment is the main reason why customers are aware of the restaurant.

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