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  • Dining In Outdoor Restaurants Became Normal After The COVID-19

    CDG Furniture is the most fashionable, creative and attractive outdoor restaurant furniture manufacturer in the catering industry. Get in touch with CDG Furniture to customize your exclusive outdoor dining furniture and seize the opportunity of explosive growth of outdoor dining.

  • Restaurant Outdoor Furniture Promotes Customer Consumption

    The catering industry has always been an industry that is closely related to the trend of the times. Using outdoor space is a kind of attempt to break the situation, cater to the needs of consumers, and give consumers' favorite outdoor dining space and outdoor furniture matching, so that catering operators can compete in competition in competition. Conflict on an undefeated place.

  • Cleaning And Maintenance Of Outdoor Furniture In Restaurants

    Restaurant outdoor furniture refers to a series of furniture different from indoor furniture set up in open or semi open outdoor space to facilitate people's healthy, comfortable and efficient outdoor activities and meals. How to clean and maintain the outdoor furniture in the restaurant?

  • How To Buying Commercial Furniture Online

    We CDG is a commercial furniture factory, main in metal commercial dining furniture, outdoor furniture, metal garden furniture, bar furniture.

  • How To Choose Restaurant Table ?

    We thought we might be able to help by putting together a few of the pros and cons associated with the most popular restaurant table shapes.

  • Choose The Right Stacking Chairs For Your Events

    Event chairs play an important role in the comfort of your congregation. During any event, people of all ages attend – from senior citizens to children – meaning that you have to find the right stacking chairs.

  • Round Or Square How To Choose Cafe Table ?

    There are lots of decisions to be made when you’re opening a new cafe or going for a refit including what sort of tables to use in order to maximise your floor space and create the right ambience.

  • Light Up Your Restaurant With Color

    How to colour your environment to impact the moods of the people within your café or restaurant.

  • Leisure Outdoor Tables And Chairs In Restaurants And Cafes

    Many restaurant and coffee shop owners do not know how to choose outdoor furniture and leisure tables and chairs. Here is a brief introduction to the size, material and how to match the outdoor furniture.

  • 3 Ways to Get The Trend for Your Garden in Summer

    Not sure what style suits you? We recommend these fashionable, retro and rustic pieces to be combined with the most popular colors this year to create a perfect patio space.

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