How To Maintain The Outdoor Furniture Of The Restaurant And Coffee Shop?


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Outdoor furniture in restaurants and coffee shops is used by customers every day, and the cleaning frequency is relatively high. If improper cleaning methods are used, it is likely to shorten the service life of outdoor furniture in restaurants and coffee shops. So how to maintain the outdoor furniture of the restaurant and coffee shop? Let's follow CDG furniture to have a look!

1. Wooden furniture should be cleaned every day. Wipe with a wet rag and then dry cotton cloth; Waxed furniture. If the surface of the furniture is not clean, it will affect the waxing.

2. Wooden furniture must be placed in a dry place and pay attention to air circulation. If the house is wet, use something to pad some furniture, and then put a little antiseptic under it.

3. Outdoor furniture in most restaurants and coffee shops should be protected from direct sunlight. Under high temperature, it will lead to the difference of dry humidity and fine lines inside and outside the furniture, which will warp and deform the furniture for a long time, and damage the original structure of the furniture.

4. Avoid the collision of sharp and hard objects. You will encounter the paint on the furniture surface. The painted furniture surface is not easy to repair. Generally, only the entire replacement or repair is required.

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5. Pay attention to acid and alkali liquids when painting furniture, which will corrode the painted surface and affect the normal use of furniture. If oil is sprayed on it, it will be treated immediately, which will lead to the difference of surface color for a long time.

6. The outdoor furniture of the restaurant and coffee shop should be placed in a stable place, otherwise the uneven stress of the furniture will lead to the deformation of the furniture, which will lead to potential safety hazards for customers.

The above is the introduction of how to maintain the outdoor furniture of restaurant and coffee shop. I hope it can help you. I want to know more about the restaurant coffee shop. Welcome to consult CDG furniture online.

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